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Our Approach is Unique and our Mission is Clear

What We DoOur Approach is Unique and Our Mission is Clear

February 2017 Update:  We want our readers, prayer partners and financial supporters to know that we are alive and well.  Until recently we have been unable to share for privacy reasons the journey we have been on for more than a year and a half.  We believe our God is in the business of making beauty out of ashes.  On February 27, 2017 Nancy and I surrounded by friends will celebrate the adoption of our grandsons Grayson (3 years old) and Isaiah (20 months old) at the Deschutes County Court House in Bend, Oregon.  

We will share more detail in March through our prayer letter but we wanted you to know now how to pray for us.  This past year and a half has been an extremely difficult time for us as we have made numerous trips to Portland for specialty care at Dornbecher Hospital.  Both Grayson and Isaiah have been greatly impacted by permanent damage to parts of their brains by the effects of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum.  We have watched day by day the miracles of God “rewiring” their precious little brains to begin to compensate for that damage in ways that Neurologists wait to see yet can not explain.  

We would covet your prayers for our youngest daughter that in the Lord’s timing she might be restored both physically and spiritually.  Those who know the pain of losing all contact with a loved one will especially know how to pray to our God that we know and believe loves to restore his children.  Our oldest daughter and her husband have been a wonderful support to us and have visited from Seattle often.

Our vision with the help of the growing community who are joining with us for the long term are praying for the proper time for us to return to cross cultural ministry as an expanded family.  With our wonderful part time Nanny our family seeks to bless other children by meeting our two precious boys.  We are maintaining our relationships and communication with our many National ministry partners in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan.  They are praying with us as well as we continue to prepare to return to ministry overseas.

How you can specifically help us.  First, email us at to give us your name and email address so we can include you in our March Prayer Letter.  Second, knowing that we will need to increase our monthly financial support for our family please prayerfully consider a monthly amount by using the convenient “Donation Link” on this website. All donations are tax deductible through go Safe Harbor International.  When you are directed to the donation page on Safe Harbor’s website make sure to use the drop down list and select support for “Dave & Nancy McDowell”.  You can select recurring monthly support with your credit card or use Safe Harbor’s mailing address to send a check.  We would love to hear from you as we prepare!  We are excited to let you know that 100% of your donation goes directly to our account to be used in direct ministry overseas.

Contine to read through the rest of our site to learn more of what we are doing and how we believe it will effect the lives of many to place their trust in Jesus Christ!

Our Approach is Unique as Christian Police Officers from the United States provide basic and advanced training to Police Officers in third world countries.  Doctors and Registered Nurses often accompany our teams to provide medical assistance for children in schools and orphanages in which we have established relationships.

Our Mission is Clear in that as relationships are developed our teams seek opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ to all who will listen as we work in and through local churches once our training is completed.

“Law Enforcement Appreciation” Church services provide an excellent location for Police Officers, children and the local community to attend voluntarily. This is where our teams of Police Officers, Police Chaplains, Medical Personnel, and other ministry workers are able to openly share their faith in Jesus Christ!

We also have specially trained team members that have a passion to walk alongside of Christian workers living overseas to encourage missionaries, local pastors and church leaders. Often these leaders suffer emotional and spiritual burnout. Through listening well to needs, providing prayer, spiritual direction, retreats, and life coaching our teams are able to encourage other missionaries.

Captain Ben Atchley El Fashir, Darfur, Sudan in 2006.

Captain Ben Atchley El Fashir, Darfur, Sudan

Our current outreach has focused on Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan in East Africa.  We often refer to entering a third world country through the ministry of training Police Officers as “An Unreached Mission Field” which then opens many doors to minister alongside of traditional missionary outreaches where we serve.

Dave McDowell is the International Director of Police Training & Outreach serving under Safe Harbor International. Dave’s wife Nancy is the Director of Soul Care and is a Certified International Life Coach as well as a Registered Nurse.  If you would like to become part of their financial and prayer support team we would encourage you to go to their donation link under the drop down menu above. God bless you!

Safe Harbor Police Team Presentation to more than 1200 enthusiastic Kenyan Police College Recruits outside of Nairobi, Kenya